Kubecon Europe 2020 - Day 3

Dernière mise à jour : 8 sept. 2021

Third day of the KubeCon CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 virtual event.

Again lot of interesting sessions !

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Keynote: Kubernetes Project Update - Vicki Cheung, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 Co-Chair & Engineering Manager, Lyft

Vicky Cheung presented the release notes of Kubernetes 1.18.

  • 38 enhancements

  • Release team: 34 persons

  • 40 000 individual contributors to date !

Key features:

  • Storage Enhancement:

  • Raw block device support graduates to Stable

  • alpha version of CSI Proxy for Windows (to perform privileged storage operations in Windows)

  • Scheduling Enhancements:

  • Run multiple scheduling profiles

  • Taint based Eviction graduation to Stable

  • PodTopologySpred graduation to Beta

  • HPA (Horizontal Pod Autoscaler)

  • Feature in Alpha

  • Finer grain control on autoscaling rates

  • Avoid flapping of replicas

  • Adjust scaling behavior based on application profile

  • Kubectl alpha debug

  • Ephemeral containers were added in 1.16

  • When “kubectl exec” isn’t enough

  • 1 kubectl alpha debug -it demo --image=debian --target=demo

  • Priority and Fairness for API Server Requests

  • Protect API servers from being overloaded while ensuring critical requests go through

  • Prevent loss of user access should anything run amok

  • Node Topology Manager graduates to Beta:

  • Useful for high performance computing and machine learning workloads

  • Other Notable features:

  • IPv6 Beta

  • Certificate API

  • APIServer DryRun and “kubectl diff”

In the next Kubernetes 1.19:

  • Generic ephemeral volumes

  • Kube-proxy IPV6DualStack support on Windows

  • Initial support for cgroup v2 (YES !!!)

Sponsored Keynote: The Kubernetes Effect - Igniting Transformation in Your Team - Briana Frank, Director of Product, IBM Cloud

Briana Franck explained how to transform your IT projects into the Cloud Native world.

New projects allow teams to re-evaluate the current path of transformation using Design thinking workshop. Take advantage of the start of new projects to catalyze innovation and enforce the culture of automation to gain efficiency. Human and communication is key. An exemple for operate and improve communication is ChatOps.

Automate the deployment of thousands of clusters with ease: exemple with Razee.io

Keynote: How to Love K8s and Not Wreck the Planet - Holly Cummins, Worldwide IBM Garage Developer Lead, IBM